I Love Monsters & freecreditscores

They are so cute! Plus wearing a CP strap makes it even better!! Thank you to a good friend who spied the red pick-pocket in the commercial and told us about it. This is rad...

Jo Bros.

Checkout the "Tuxedo" guitar strap on Kevin in the new Jonas Brothers TV show trailer/music video "LA Baby"
(btw might take a moment to load this vid)...

NPSH showing off CP in new music video...

This music video is so fun and entertaining--what did we ever do before green screen!!>? (To see the Copperpeace "Metallic Snakeskin" guitar strap in action on NPSH singer Claire England watch around 2:25)

to the peace.

say YEA er

I always take it to the blog when I discover a band that truly blows my mind and senses...
That happened this past Friday night at The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles while watching "Yeasayer" perform amongst a room of enthusiastic fans plus not to mention surrounding landscapes of stuffed creatures.

The planetary gifted guitarist/singer Anand Wilder rocked the Copperpeace gold "Glovely" guitar strap for much of the show. It found a well deserved home on his Rickenbacker.
Go download the new single from Yeasayer- http://awe.sm/50yLE
You won't be sorry!

to the peace.


What an awesome show! This round was really about coming together with all the people I've met over the past year, and all the new people I'll get to know in the upcoming year.
First order of business was meeting with Schecter guitars to plan our 2010 guitar strap collaboration. Schecter's line of guitars radiates sophisticated goth within luxury retro and modern designs. It's a pretty irresistible combo thats gonna make for some ridiculous straps!
Close by was "Orange" - aka the coolest amp company on the map. They're one of my favorite brands because of the delicious quality and style of the gear they put out.
Wasn't time to leave just yet, so my sis Kate and I visited D'Andrea's booth with a farewell (and photo op!) to the Copperpeace guitar straps on display-
Overall, I would have to say this NAMM brought so many new faces and places to us. We were also immensely flattered that Music INC. Magazine named Copperpeace among 5 top strap companies in their February 2010 gear issue! (click on image below to see feature)
See you next time!

to the peace.

Have a Perry Merry Holiday!

Katy Perry gives a holiday show in her lovely "Glovely" Copperpeace guitar strap.

to the peace.

Unique CP

So this December we decided to participate in some Holiday cheer. Unique LA, a show for the public which hosts mostly local Los Angeles designers, was the perfect venue to introduce Copperpeace to a new audience and offer the perfect presents (guitar & banjo straps) for musicians everywhere.
While we had some visitors test out straps, it was mainly family and friends seeking the perfect present for someone special in their lives. Checkout a few recap photos below!

Find us next at the Winter NAMM show (National Association of Music Merchandisers), January 14-17th in Anaheim, CA.
Copperpeace will be presented at the D'Andrea booth #4858.
Hope to see you there!!

to the peace.

Metallic Snakeskin = Raditude

Weezer performs on David Letterman and Brian Bell wears his custom Copperpeace "Metallic Snakeskin" strap-

to the peace.

Thao Gets Down with Copperpeace

This past Saturday night, we (me n' my straps) wandered into a sound check at The Echo by request from KamranV who was taping the show that night. That's when I met "Thao with the Get Down Stay Down".

First of all I will say that Thao (lead singer and guitarist) is incredibly talented and personable. From a simple soundcheck it was obvious that this act is going places. The song she checked just so happened to have played on KCRW a couple days earlier. I got out of the car before they named the band, so I never actually knew who it was until the show. Now luckily I have their CD, 'Know Better Learn Faster', so I can listen to it whenever!

I'm definitely their new biggest fan.

to the peace.

Katy Perry SPARKLES in Copperpeace

Katy Perry- a woman with unbelievable style- has now found the perfect guitar strap to compliment her glitter white Les Paul. Check out pictures of Katy rocking with the black & silver "Glovely" strap--we love it Katy!

to the peace.